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June 9, 2016

Black Box Creative featured in the Chicago Defender

Is Chicago A Goodcity? 

Ask Black Box Creative Inc.

By Ken Hare

Chicago Defender Staff Writer


Jeffery Beckham, CEO, Black Box Creative Inc. (L) consults with a client.

At Goodcity’s annual fundraiser, the Chicago Defender met one of its social entrepreneurs: Jeffery Beckham of Black Box Creative Inc. Goodcity, spelled with no space between good and city, is a 501C-3 organization that partners with community and faith-based organizations that provide services to under-resourced neighborhoods.

Goodcity says it has worked with at least 400 local organizations in its 30-year history mentoring and providing services from capacity building to acting as fiscal agent. It’s current CEO, Jimmy Lee joined the organization in 2013 after working for Carl Rove raising money for the Republican Party. “I felt I could make a bigger difference with my skills in other ways,” he told Crain’s Chicago Business.

Jeffery Beckham, CEO of Black Box Creative Inc., a mobile and web design company that focuses on community-based, non-profits, and small businesses started out primarily providing digital know-how to small start-ups but has since grown to service larger clients such as Trinity United Church of Christ, Flavor Brunch in Hazel Crest and Tuskeegee University.

Black Box help establish a digital presence for your businesses whether creating a website, social media platform or simply setting up an email account or electronic billing system. “We come in and help you roll out a digital strategy to make you more efficient. If you need a website, understanding social media and email – anything technical to make your business better,” he states. Once set up, Black Box teaches the business owner how to harvest and understand their digital information to connect with their target audience in a more significant way.

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