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Our Partners

At Black Box Creative we believe in strategic partnerships. We’ve aligned our company with some of the best in their field to achieve and over-deliver to our customers and stakeholders. Black Box Creative Incorporated is a company that believes that every client (internal or external) is a value cog in our wheel of success.

Endangered Peace, Film & Videography Partner

A Chicago-based, full-service film & video production company that works as a service, and also funds and produces award-winning original films.

Raphael Nash and Endangered Peace – Film and Videography Partner

Jackson Counsel, Legal Partner

Jackson Corporate Law Offices is a Chicago-based law firm that was formed with a goal of offering an alternative approach to providing innovative businesses with legal counsel. They are dedicated to helping innovators navigate the legal aspects of owning and operating a business. The firm prides itself on building genuine relationships with clients and assisting not only in the legal aspects of owning and operating a business but also going the extra mile to assist in business strategies and giving operational advice as well.

Jackson Counsel Website