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Email Opt Out Policy


To ensure that network system resources are not strained and important communications via email are not overlooked or discarded by users, the number of recurring, large mass email messages received by users from company departments and offices should be kept to a minimum.


The Recurring Mass Electronic Messaging Opt-Out Policy applies to all users, departments and offices that send recurring mass email messages through the Black Box Creative Inc. computing network.


Users that choose to opt-out of lists created and maintained by Black Box Creative LLC will be removed from all lists held by the company. If  a user chooses to return that user must opt-in again via the website or email received at said address. The Black Box Creative LLC user policy can be reviewed at


Black Box Creative Inc. email accounts are individual email accounts provided by the company to employees, contractors and staff with an address of

The Black Box Creative Inc. computing network is the group of stations (computers, telephones, or other devices) owned or operated by Black Box Creative Inc. Company connected by communications facilities owned or operated by Black Box Creative Inc. Company for exchanging information. Connection can be permanent, via cable, or temporary, through telephone or other communications links. The transmission medium can be physical (i.e. fiber optic cable) or wireless (i.e. satellite).

Recurring mass email messages are mass e-mail based messages that are sent by users, departments or offices regularly or on a scheduled basis to many recipients. This includes, but is not limited to, newsletters.